Finally REVEALED!!!

A Natural Way To Completely Get Rid Of Type 2 Diabetes With No Side Effect And Get Free Within The Shortest Possible Time"...

“Plus A Unique Way To Completely Lower
The Effect of Type 1 Diabetes

Below is the life cycle of a diabetes sufferer.

It starts when he begins to notice the following:

  1. Visits the toilet to wee about 3-5 times between 10pm and 6am
  2. Discovers that ants started gathering around his urine
  3. Begins to lose weight
  4. Always experiences persistent thirst and hunger

The wife notices and “forces” him to visit the DOCTOR.
As a busy executive and investment banker, he doesn't realize what has happened to him. He is so concerned about his job and career rather than wasting time to visit the clinic and see a physician.

Eventually, he visits the hospital after several sessions of begging and fighting with his wife at home.

Below is the typical conversation between him and his doctor:

Doctor: Based on what you have narrated as your symptoms and the outcome of our investigations, I would like to ask you the following questions:


Mr Lawrence: Okay, go ahead Doctor


Doctor: Do you have a family history of diabetes?


Mr Lawrence: Not really….but I think my uncle had it at a time before he died


Doctor: Based on your laboratory result with me now, your fasting blood glucose level is elevated and your urine glucose result is also positive. Your 2 hours postprandial result is also out of range and according to Health Standards, this is a clear picture of no other thing but Type 2 diabetes. There is no cause to be afraid, because there are drugs that will help you manage it effectively.


Mr Lawrence: Thank you Doctor since there are drugs that can CURE it.


Doctor: I didn't say there are drugs that can CURE it. I said there are drugs to help you MANAGE it.


Mr Lawrence: Doctor, are you therefore telling me that this condition is INCURABLE?


Doctor: Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that happens when your body cannot produce enough insulin to help with your glucose movement into the body cells where it is needed. You will initially have to be placed on artificial insulin injection now and then compliment that with drugs that you must take regularly.


Beyond that, there are certain things you can’t afford to eat again as before…..


Mr Lawrence: Oh my God!!!


This is the scenario that you may be familiar with.


Are you like that man who just woke up one morning and realizes that his world has just been shattered having heard the result of the diagnosis that he is now diabetic?


That sort of bad news alone can kill because it changes everything. You now have to start adjusting to all the prescriptions and checkups to ensure that your blood sugar level does not go up again.


With this kind of news, your diet plan will automatically change. And you have to start managing yourself to prevent further damage to your body system.


If The Above Describes Your Case, It Means:


  • You can’t produce enough insulin in your body system to convert the glucose in your blood for optimum cellular benefit
  • You risk having all the complications associated with diabetes like: kidney problem, eye problem, erectile dysfunction, stroke, e.t.c.
  • You always have to think about what food to eat and being placed on restricted diet.
  • You have to deal with the side effect of those medications that you are presently taking just to stay alive.
  • You will be putting on weight as a result of the medication that you are on AND weight gain in itself means additional problem.


If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you must take out time to read this letter.


Medical experts say that no fewer than three million people are living with diabetes in Nigeria and as a result of this, type 2 diabetes is killing much faster than HIV/AIDS.




The international diabetes association has stated that by 2030, 522 million people will be living with type 2 diabetes worldwide.


Could this really be happening in our world today giving the fact that this wasn't even close to the case centuries back.


This goes to tell you that something actually went wrong along the way…


And what was that…?


You can call it the Industrialization of Men- (lifestyle changes, nutritional gaps, and the fast pace of modern day life).


You might not understand this… but here is just a feel of what you might not know especially for type 2 diabetes patients...


But before I go on, do you really know the root cause of diabetes…?


What Is The Cause Of Diabetes?


 It comes from the malfunctioning of a small organ
in our body called: THE PANCREAS...

This pancreas is meant to produce insulin in the body system to help convert the glucose in the blood system into convertible energy that is to be used for the full and normal functioning of the body.


But when there is low or insufficient production of insulin in our body…


Every other system in the body is affected because the glucose in the blood cannot be transported appropriately to where it is needed for energy generation and cellular function within the body. The result is high blood sugar and diabetes.


Hence the reason for the recorded high statistics of death than HIV/AIDS, I could easily call it one of the deadliest diseases.


  • Is there a way around this deadly malady…?
  • Can the condition be maintained or reversed…?


Medically, you will be told that there is no cure and you would have to live with it for the rest of your life.

Which sounds very miserable! And it just doesn’t make any sense…


If the root cause of type 2 diabetes comes from the pancreas, then we should be able to do something to help reverse or lower the effect.


Point Noted:


Increase In Blood Sugar (Glucose) is A Strong Indicator Of
Type 2 Diabetes

That Fact Has Been Established... No Argument About That


What do you think will happen if the blood sugar level in your body is lowered within the next few weeks of doing the exact same thing I'm about to reveal to you?


What I will be sharing with you is the same thing the man I talked in the onset about was able to do to drop his blood sugar level from 15mmol/l to about 5.8mmol/l within a few weeks


Other testimonies have shown that patients' blood sugar levels dropped within just few days of using the Natural therapy I'm about to introduce to you.


And 2 years down the line… this same man that was once treated as a diabetes patient now has his blood sugar maintained constantly without the usual medication from his Doctor again..........


And this was due to the fact that he simply did the SAME thing that I'm about to share with you today. 


I hope you are ready for this…


First, here is something you need to know.


Most of our parents grew so old without most of the diseases that affect us now in our own generation despite the fact that medical facilities were not as developed as we have them around us now. If they were diabetic then they wouldn’t have lived that long.


Unfortunately the medical community actually knows about this but they will never consider it as something to be revealed to their clients and patients just because they need to keep making money from drug purchase and hospital income generation.


It baffles me a lot when a patient leaves the hospital after treatment and he/she is never educated on “how not to come back again” by embracing preventive measures. They seem to be always interested in seeing patients come back over and over again.


  • Maybe it's because they will lose hundreds of millions of dollars in profits when they reveal the truth !
  • So they would rather prefer to continue making their profits from you actually living with the disease and managing it until you die… Which is just too CRUEL AND MEAN


Now, Here Comes the “Natural Supplement” Solution to Your Type 2 Diabetes


Using one of the revolutionary plants that have been in existence for over 5000 years, there is now a way by which you can naturally lower your blood sugar level and finally reversing your diabetes


The best part is that these all-natural supplements that will not give you any side effect like the regular chemicalized  medical drugs will give you.


Okay before I continue…


Let me share with you some of the components of the Amazing Treatment Therapy ...



~ Diabetes Wellness Therapy~

Diabetes Wellness Therapy is are combinations of natural supplements that will help to lower the effect of diabetes and also help in reducing  blood sugar levels in the system AND also finally help you become diabetes free as you use them.


How can you get access to this treatment therapy? Before I tell you how to get it, let me tell you the components of the treatment therapy.

C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals: C24/7 is packed with benefits for different needs, from controlling blood sugar and cholesterol, to healthy blood circulation and sexual vitality.

  • Promotes Longevity
  • Lowers Cholesterol Level
  • Protects against Heart Diseases and Complications
  • Helps prevent Cancer of any origin
  • Controls High-Blood Pressure
  • Controls Blood Sugar
  • Enhances and Balances the Metabolism
  • Prevents Degenerative Diseases like Arthritis
  • Enhances, Nourishes, Strengthens and Balances the Immune System
  • Increases the production of inherent glutathione in our body
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Regenerates Liver Cells
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Reduces Fatigue, Depression and Anxiety
  • Enhances Sexual Vitality

RESTORLYF:  RestorLyf is a food supplement specially formulated to prolong one’s life!

Regular intake can protect your heart, prevents inflammation and protects the mitochondria, the powerhouse of every cell.

When these parts of the body are protected, a person may achieve longer life!

A synergistic formulation of several longevity polyphenols found in:

  • Stalks, vines, seeds and skin of grapes
  • Japanese knotweed’s roots and stem
  • Red wine extract
  • Red wine powder 

Restorlyf promotes sensitivity to insulin.



  • IMMUNO TEA is a special herbal sugar balance tea recipe made using ancient tea processing technique combined with the power of today's modern extraction technology to produce a very powerful herbal tea...
  • that will help you rapidly correct your diabetes without spending all your life savings on expensive hard drugs and insulin injections that will never work at all!
  • Made with the extremely effective “ Cyclocarya Paliurus” herb that is well known to reduce sugar level in the body system, thereby correcting your diabetes.

The BEST Part Is…


“It’s Prepared The Same Way You Would Your Tea... So You Can Consume It Easily Without Fear of Side Effects!” 

Another good thing is that this Herbal Tea Therapy has undergone several clinical tests & have proven to work like gangbusters. 

  • Diabeta isn’t just a specific herb, but rather a capsule compound taken from the roots and stems of certain plants, including goldenseal and phellodendron.
  • A review of 27 studies in people with type 2 diabetes observed that taking Diabeta capsules in combination with diet and lifestyle changes reduced fasting blood sugar by 15.5 mg/dl and A1C by 0.71% compared to diet and lifestyle changes alone or a placebo.
  • The review also noted that diabeta supplements taken alongside IMMUNO Sugar BALANCE TEA helped lower blood sugar more than medication alone.
  • How it works: Diabeta may improve insulin sensitivity and enhance sugar uptake from your blood into your muscles, which helps lower blood sugar.

“Check Out Testimonies From People Who Have Used this Amazing Natural Treatment Solution for Their Diabetes and Got Good Results” 

Mrs T.O Bode, 
Abuja FCT 

Your Diabetes Wellness Therapy Basically Saved My Life From The Clutches of Diabetes When I Have Lost All Hope Of Being Normal Again!

Right now my sugar level has dropped dramatically to the extent my doctor was shocked when he discovered I have not come to take my insulin injections for over 4 weeks. 

The poor doctor had to do a confirmatory test to see for himself if what I was telling him was actually true. 

And YES it was true!

I was free from Diabetes finally.

All thanks to your Sugar Balance Immuno Tea C24/7, Restorlyf and Diabeta capsules.

I’m so grateful for your amazing Effort to help us.

Pastor. Uwem, Port Harchourt 

Thank God! Diabetes Wellness Therapy Saved Me From cutting My Toe!
I am so emotional writing this to you sir!

I am getting this amazing message when I was about to be amputated of one of my toes because my wounds will not heal, all thanks to Diabetes. 

As soon as I saw the promotion of this amazing diabetes wellness therapy I had to lie to my doctor that I’m getting better in other to abscond the amputation.

Truth be told, after taking this miraculous tea and capsules, my Diabetes dropped like nothing happened to me, I couldn’t believe my eyes, but it’s true.

I am truly healed and active again!
Everyone with All sort of Diabetes should take this miracle working diabetes wellness therapy .
Thank you Mr Pat for recommending the diabetes wellness therapy.

Mr D.D Kola, Lagos

Thank God! Your Diabetes Wellness Therapy Saved My Mother!

"Good afternoon. I must thank you for the complimentary products you sent to me. I am deeply grateful.

I bought a pack of diabetes wellness therapy for my mother 2 weeks ago and I must confess that the product is improving her condition. 

Her sugar level was 14.3mmol before she commenced the diabetes wellness plan. As I am sending this sms to you, her sugar level has dropped to 8.1mmol.

This improvement is remarkable. I must also add that her fingers that used to shake uncontrollably are now stable. I am certain that the she is through with the 30days usage, her condtion would have improved again. Thanks for this job well done.


“Even On Facebook, The Damand For Our Diabetes Wellness Therapy Is Crazily High!”

Due to the fact that this treatment solution works like a miracle, there has been a huge demand for this amazing Diabetic Wellness Therapy on facebook, and it’s getting out of hands.

This is because this amazing treatment conbination works as stated 

This diabetes treatment solution is also not just recognized by NAFDAC, it is also approved internationally by Halal and GMP. 

Meaning that it is 100% approved for use whether you are a Muslim or Christian.


How Does The Treatment Solution Work To Reverse Type - 2 Diabetes?

  1. It ELIMINATES All Toxins And Residue Of Other Ineffective Or Harmful Drugs in Your System So that Nothing Will Stop It From Working.

After That…


2. The Special Herb In The Immuno Tea And The Other Active Ingredients Will Begin To Regenerate Your Pancreas By Activating B Cells So That It can Start Producing Insulin By Itself Again.


3. It Will Build New Cells In Your Immune System That Will Speed Up Your Recovery From The Damages That Have Already Been Caused In Your Body.


And Finally


4. Combining The Four Treatment Solution Will Restore Your Blood Sugar Back To Normal Without Any Insulin Shots Or Drugs.


"In Fact, the way these Product combination works is just like the way Panadol works to cure your headache!"


However, This Diabetes Wellness Therapy Has A Small Flaw...


There is a small flaw that this therapy has......

 It Will Not Cure You Overnight!


This is not a magic herb or a wonder medicine that will Miraculously heal you OVERNIGHT  like what most people want, and that all those big pharmaceutical companies will promise you.


However, this supplement is very powerful…


It is so powerful a consistent usage of it have the potential reverse your Type- 2 Diabetes or pre-diabetes…


  • No Matter how old you are
  • No matter if you have had the disease for decades already
  • No matter even if your blood sugar levels are already sky high


So With This Revolutionary Health Discovery...


  • You’ll be free from painful and annoying insulin injections! 
  • You’ll say goodbye to expensive and hard to take medicines that make you feel sick and make you fat!
  • You’ll be free from swallowing tons of supplement pills like an addict!
  • You’ll break away from the constant stress and worry over whether!
  • You’ll remove the anxiety of always watching your blood sugar levels, and watching jealousy as other people eat your favorite foods.
  • And you’ll never ever again feel like a burden or liability to your family and friends


Okay so with everything I’ve said now, I’m sure the next question on your mind now is.


How Much Is This Amazing Diabetes Wellness Therapy Going To Cost You?


A Complete Two Month Treatment Of The Diabetes Wellness Therapy has the 4 Individual Treatment Products in it pack, and it goes for just N43,000 Only.


However, There Is Something You Should Know...

Right now as I speak, I have only 50 packs left, and this therapy is moving very, very fast!!

But here is the thing; I know you want this Product Right NOW

And I also know that if you leave this page now without buying, you might procrastinate about getting it, until you eventually forget.


But I want you to get it, to make sure that happens I am going to give you a STARTER PACK BONANZA discount right now.


So if you order for the Diabetes Wellness Therapy today, right now, you'll not be going to pay the original price of N43,000 Per Pack.


So How Much Will it Cost You?

I'm running a 48 hours 20% Discount Bonanza as a TEST & SEE bonanza  so that you too can see the  amazing magical effect of this powerful treatment therapy! 



(A Complete 2 Months Treatment Pack Of The Diabetes Wellness Therapy + Two More FREE Bottles Of Diabeta Capsules!)

Original Price: N43,000!

Bonanza Price: N34,500 ONLY!!!

Is Your Diabetes a Serious One?

Then I Have a Super Amazing Option for You!

You Can buy 4 Months Treatment Plan of the Diabetes Wellness Therapy that will last your for OVER 120 days, instead of paying a whopping N86,000 (i.e N43,000 x 2=> N86,000) You'll be paying JUST......




(A Complete 4 Months Treatment Packs Of The Diabetes Wellness Therapy + Four More EXTRA FREE Bottles Of Diabeta Capsules!)

Original Price: N86,000!

Bonanza Price: N65,500 ONLY!!!

But That Is Still Not All!

Do You know that if you order this amazing Sugar Balance Tea today, you get a very amazing mouth watering bonuses that are very amazing and hard to come by? 

Check Them Out....

FREE GIFT No.1: Free Shipping to Any Location In The Country!

(Value: =N=5,000)

We will even pick up the tab for shipping and handling, which can run upwards of =N=5,000! 

Many companies reduce the price of their products, only to charge you with outrageously expensive delivery fees that are FAR more than the actual cost, is beyond me. 

We’re different! 

When you buy anything from us, you pay nothing for shipping and handling for first class service.


FREE GIFT #2: Free 24/7 Consultation From Us!

( Value =N=25,000)



To further sweeten the offer, I’m giving you a 2nd FREE Gift (worth $59). While you’re trying Diabtes Wellness Therapy™ for 60 days, you can also call our sugar Balance Centre hotline, where you can ask ANY QUESTION on Diabetes you have and we will waive the =N=25,000 consulting fees.


(Value: =N=7,500!) 

This Time Table Contains The Very Available Foods You Can Find Right Here In Nigeria.

It Was Given To Me By A Dietician Who Had Diabetes And Followed Through With This Diet Plan Squarely… It Worked For Me and Him So I am Sure It Will Work For You Too.

FREE GIFT #4: Instant Secret Access to Our Secret VIP Customers Club! (Value: N50,000)

This is a special club made for only customers and it’s totally exclusive, which means not anyone can join, so if you buy the Diabetes Wellness Therapy Right now, you’ll get instant access to that club where you'll receive our weekly Newsletter on Diabetes..for FREE!

And just to make sure that there is no Risk on your part and to prove that this Our Newly Discovered Diabetes Corrective Supplement Works, you are INSURED & COVERED by our…

“No Super Story, Take It TO The Bank, 
90 Day Money Back 

Meaning that if it does not work for you within the next 90 days, all you need to do is just call, and provide evidence that I didn’t do one single thing in your body, and we will give you back your full money.

It's better for me to give you back your money back with a clean conscience than to sell you something that doesn’t work and get cursed.

In fact,  you will never ever see any deal like this in Nigeria, because a lot of research went in before we came out with this product.

But if You Think N34,500 or N65,500 is Too Much,

Here is something you should know:

When the crisis starts, it comes like a thief in the night..... It does not give a warning...It does not give any signals.... 

You’ll just see the person shaking, and having a strange tingling from the hand.

Then it gets worse.

You would start feeling lazy and your blood pressure would increase gradually. And the longer you go with your diabetes condition, the more the likelihood that you will just have an injury from nowhere.


It could start from a single boil, which could eventually turn into a very big and unhealable sore & it even becomes worse if you have blood pressure.

If care is not taken, it can get complicated and lead to amputation/ surgery of one of your limbs, if it does not heal.


And the really bad new about amputation/ surgery apart from the risk of life involved and the loss of your limb is that you should also be ready to spend a huge amount of money on medical treatment.

From N250,000-N1 Million!

And even surgery may not be enough to stop possible future complications.

For instance, you could become…

  • Totally blind
  • Lose your kidneys
  • and damage your liver
  • Have stroke and possibly
  • Heart disease


You see I am not trying to scare you......


I just want you to be aware of all the sorts of bad things that can happen to you when you avoid tackling this dreadful disease on time.

That is the hard truth and you know it!


However, is Completely Up To You To Make The Right Choice

The way I see it, you have just 2 options.

1. You Ignore All You Have Read, Continue Praying That Diabetes Is Not Your Portion When The Signs Are Clearly Vivid… While You Keep Spending Money On Things That Are Obviously Not Working And Eventually Come Back When This Is More Expensive…

2. Get Diabetes Wellness Therapy Offer Right Now, Save Your Health And Live a stressless Life You truly deserve.

But I Know You Are Smart, smarter than just glancing over this amazing offer and that is why you will choose option 2 above…

If So, Click On The Red Button Below to Place an Order for the Natural Diabetes Therapy Today:

If You Receive Your Package Of The Diabetes Wellness Therapy, We Will Give You A Surprise Free Gift That Will Make This Ancient 100% Natural Cure Work 2x Faster.

Meaning That If It Takes 60  Days To Repair and Your Health, Using The Free Gift Can Make This Restoration In 33 Days! How amazing?

Plus You Don’t Have To Pay For Shipping We Will Ship It To You For Free

So Let Me Ask You This Question Again...

Would You Like To Eliminate And Reverse Any Type Of Diabetes Just The 3,500 Lucky People Who Have Used This Natural Diabetes Therapy When Everything Else Has Failed?

If Yes Is Your Answer, Then Don’t Waste Time. Don’t Overthink It

I Wish You Better Health In Every Part Of Your Body.


NOTE: This’s Your Health We Are Talking About here, and remember what they say about one’s health….health is wealth, so don’t even overthink it, grab your own Diabetes Wellness Therapy before we are out of stock!

Also note that Immuno tea is not bitter..it’s does not smell awful, but rather it tastes nice like your LIPTON and can be sipped any how or any way you like it while it helps correct your diabetes issues!

NOTE: Remember, a Complete Pack Originally Cost’s N43,000 & I am giving you an EXTRA two bottles of Diabeta Capsules at a dirt cheap price of N34,500, PLUS a natural herbal Diabetes Food Guide & Recipe for diabetic people to help you get better soon.


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